The devil tried to take my life again

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The devil tried to take my life again, but has failed once again. I’m so happy, grateful & excited. So over the past few months say since April I’ve been battling a heart condition. It started off by having shortness of breath which I chose to ignore not until it became very severe. Cut the story down some months now. I was in and out of hospital doing scans tests all of it but yet was still walking around doing my normal day to day routines but deep down I was actually tired of these hospital trips and wanted it to all come to an end!! Skip to October now. I was at one of my many churches playing at a conference called Shiloh at “The Church Of His Presence” when Aunty @bekesbukola was leading worship and I was playing not knowing God was going to use @kimmaasministries who I’ve never seen or met in my life at that point in time to let me know that my heart condition was coming to and end and that I’ll be rejoicing. Well look at God. The same doctors that done the same scan to tell me my heart was bigger than normal (could potentially have a operation) are now telling me my heart is normal and fine!! Thank you to everyone who has played a part in my life and in this horrible experience I pray that God replenishes you 100 folds. Lastly would like to thank God for sparing my life yet again!! ❤️

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