Before Shiloh, I had a problem at work which it was not my fault, but had arisen due to an error made by my agency. It affected me and I was stopped from working at the place for 6 months. I was really upset because it seems to me that the door was closed which will financially affect me.

At Shiloh, the musician sang about ‘his mercy’ and the Pastor came up the stage and continued the song and spoke some words of knowledge. He said there is someone here who is crying out for God’s mercy and ask such people to come forward, which I did and he prayed for us.

I knew it was a turning point from that moment. The next week after Shiloh I was asked to write a statement which I did and after that day, they called me and said my case was resolved and I was called back for work at the same place.


I thank God for his mercy and I thank God for his presence here.

To God alone be the glory in Jesus name. Amen.

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