Supernatural Divine Healing

By 17th November 2017 Shiloh testimonies 2017

I thank God for Shiloh 2017. It was an awesome time to be in God’s presence in all through and I thank God I was a part of it. Prior to the program starting, I had a lingering pain but paid little attention to it. During the week of Shiloh it became intense, so I had to go see the dentist for a checkup. Upon checking, I was given several options which seems too much for me and of course, I wasn’t prepared for any of it.

Day and night after, the pains became worse, so I went back into the dentist to have any of the options executed. Upon getting there, the operation for the tooth removal could not be performed on the day (Friday) but arrangement was made to have it done on Saturday. I came back to church, shared with a sister of mine and with the anointing in the atmosphere, she joined hands with me and prayed over the pain. My expectation wasn’t great at that time but I followed along.

On Saturday I was ready to go into the clinic or the procedure when I noticed that I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. I waited all day to see if it was something on and off but was not. The Pain had disappeared.

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