Jethro Academy

This is the COHP Ministry school birthed for believers to discover, develop and maximise their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the kingdom of God. This is done through practical teachings, impartation and live demonstration of the supernatural. Graduates from the academy are able to go forward to manifest the power of the kingdom and do exploits for God.

There are 5 ministry schools in the Jethro Academy and these are;

School of Supernatural life:

Graduates will be equipped to minister healing, deliverance, work miracles, signs and wonders according to the leading of God’s Spirit.
It is a class that enable people to change their mindset according to Romans 12:2 that they be not conformed but transformed by the renewing of their minds so they can prove what is the perfect, acceptable will of God. In simplistic terms, it is a class that makes the students New Wine Skins that can hold God’s New Wine! Join us to learn more.


School of the Prophets

The gift of prophecy according to 1 Corinthians 14:1-2 is for edification, exhortation and comfort making it an essential gift in the body of Christ. This was why the Apostle Paul said in this same scripture that he would rather that believers prophesied more.

At the School of the Prophets, students are trained to be sensitive to receive what the God is saying and speak His counsel in love as inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Healing School

Sickness is not permitted in the Kingdom of God. Jesus put an end to it on the cross when he died and then rose. The Healing School aims to raise and develop believers who will enforce this mandate by administering healing and deliverance to the sick and the oppressed of the devil.


School of the Evangelist

In this School, students are trained to identify and maximise any opportunity to lead lost souls back to God. Practical techniques are taught and demonstrated. This is in fulfilment of the great commission.


Pastoral School

The word ‘Pastor’ means Shepherd and the principal duty of a Pastor is to look after God’s flock. This is a ministry dear to our father’s heart because He loves his flock. At this School, students are taught to care for and nurture God’s precious flock in love.


Graduates Testimonials

“How they were transformed”

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