His Presence in Me and Fulfilment

By 16th November 2017 Shiloh testimonies 2017
  1. On Friday when Sister Bukola Bekes was ministering I felt it in my heart that I should come out to the front of the altar which I did even though I was shy, while Sis. Bukola was ministering I had peace in my heart while worshiping and praising God. I felt the presence of God moving in my body. I was so filled with his presence that I could not control it and I began weeping. And I know that I had an encounter with God which I have never had before. I just want to thank God for his visitation.
  2. Also there is something I have been praying to God for, which I been fearful of. But after the service on Sunday (Shiloh Thanksgiving) I receive a word of prophecy from someone that I should not worry, and stop being fearful, that God has signed, sealed and delivered it. Praise the Lord.

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