Healing thy neighbor

By 16th November 2017 Shiloh testimonies 2017

On one of the evening sessions of Shiloh. Dr. Kim spoke some words of knowledge regarding healing for some people. Instead of her praying for each person, she made the congregation put faith to practice, making them the ones to carry out the healing of their neighbor. I had a severe lack of faith in the area of healing but not only did God heal my unbelief, he gave a word so specific to my case I had no choice but to believe. I have been having severe back pain, and a sharp pain in my chest. Dr Kim specifically pointed to the area, described it exactly, and even explained that it was linked to a breathing issue that I had no knowledge of, once a sister that sat beside me, laid her hands on me, the pain not only disappeared, I began breathing so clearly.   God healed my body and my lack of belief. He also instilled boldness in my younger sister allowing her to start walking boldly and boldly believing in who she is.

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